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"Marketing Lancers is created with the sole purpose of demystifying marketing for entrepreneurs and SME's in South East Asia – minus the high cost.


Nicole Tan / Co-Founder 

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Results Oriented

We are bold because we provide great results. Regardless of your business challenges, we are confident that we can solve them in the shortest time possible.

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Affordability Is Our Language

We don't believe charging clients 5-digits fees because that is an overkill. Our services are fully customized to fit your needs and not to make our bank account fatter.

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Exceptional Support

We dare to say that we offer the best customer support to all our clients. We thrive hard to go beyond and provide professional assistance as much as we can, because we are in this together!

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Marketing Lancers is the best online marketing agency if you are looking for results-driven, performance and exceptional customer support.