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Full-Service Integrated Marketing Agency

We help you take a holistic approach to create a strong brand through integrated branding and digital marketing solutions to effectively promote your company across all channels.

Our Services

Our award-winning full-service digital marketing communications team specializes in helping Malaysian companies that operate in complex, highly competitive industries.


Regardless if you are a brick-and-mortar or an e-Commerce business in Malaysia, you need the right branding strategy to stay above the noise.


We integrate search intent with industry-standards SEO frameworks to help your business rank higher on search engines and generate more quality leads.


From website designs to marketing frameworks, our award-willing development team will craft the best strategies for you to become competitive.

Award Winning Website Designs

We are passionate about developing the best website design that stands out from the crowd. Want to know why we are the best web design agency in Malaysia?

We don’t only create website designs — we transform website design into a 24/7 lead generation machine for your business.

We Are Reachable (Like Seriously)

The digital transformation had made many business owners like you want to have on-demand services.

At Marketing Lancers, we provide on-demand integrated marketing solutions around the clock.

Have an ad-hoc campaign that needs help?

We Do More Than Our Competitors (All Day Long)

We are serious in outdoing our competitors and we want you to outdo your competitors as well!

Our team is constantly updated with the latest trends not to show off but to help your business flourish.

We are a strong believer that the only way to be successful is outdone our competitors.

P.S. You can often find us lurking around Starbucks (sipping endless cups of coffee) and geeking through the latest marketing trends.

Our Fully Integrated Processes & Workflows

Starting a business can be crazily tough. We are often wondering when is the right time, finding the right products and determine the minimum viable product to get started before scaling.

But there’s a HUGE, HUGE problem.

We get too caught up and we are feeling overwhelmed. At times, it felt like we are struggling for air to breathe.

With Marketing Lancers’s fully integrated processes and workflows, we ensure that you are being more organized, getting messages to the team on time and ultimately, converting leads into paying customers with record-breaking time.

Project Research

We tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t through data


Our integration between systems and workflows are flawless


We spend time creating the best design that represents you


Let us do the heavy lifting for all your development works

Let’s Work Together

Tell us about your idea and let us help you transform that idea into a reality.

We done that one too many times because we are just that good.


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