5 Powerful Steps To Revive A Dying Business Under 90 Days

How To Revive A Dying Business In Malaysia

How To Revive A Dying Business? Here’s The EXACT Guide

The economy is bad and your business is dying. So, how do you revive a dying business?

There are several steps you can take to revive a dying business. Bear in mind that these steps are not the easiest but definitely the MOST effective steps you need to take to give your business a new lifeline.

And without further delay, here are the exact steps you need to take a revive your business.

1. Elements of Failure — Understand why your business is not generating revenue

Elements of Failure In Business

I’m not saying about the million reasons why your business is not making money.

Believe it or not, most businesses fail because of one or two things. By going laser targeting on these reasons, you will be able to understand why your business is not making the cut.

Here are some quick ways to have a clear understanding:

  • Ask your colleagues on why business is going down
  • Ask your existing and past clients on how you can improve
  • Check on the market to determine what you could have done better

2. Business Plan — Plan a strategy to start reviving your business

Business Strategy for Dying Business

Don’t just go “gung-ho” once you know what the issues are.

You should sit down with your team and plan out a strategy. For most organization and businesses, we recommend having several strategies and brainstorm for the best ones.

Strategizing your business is an important step — and you should focus on

3. Turnaround Strategy — Making tough decision for your business

Turnaround Strategy for Dying Business

Getting your business back to the right track is not an easy task. As a business owner, you are required to make tough decisions such as:

  • Reducing manpower to increase profits
  • Taking drastic actions that are not favorable by employees
  • Put high sales targets for your team

Whatever your turnaround strategies are, you need to make the first move. This is extremely important because these strategies are going to help you to turn your business right around the chopping board.

4. Marketing 101— Triple your marketing efforts to put your brand in front of your customers

Marketing To Review A Dying Business

This is where most business owners get it wrong.

While reviving a business means that you should consider cutting corners, you should cut corners when it comes to marketing.

As a matter of fact, you should increase your marketing budget and efforts for at least the next three months!

Why is marketing important for business?

Marketing is going to put your brand right in front of others. This will help you to get more business and leads.

Marketing is all about those who can spend the most money to generate lead. And make no mistake.

These leads are going to turn your business around in no time.

Types of marketing you can consider starting for your business:

  • Social media marketing (click here to learn more)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content writing
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook chat bot messenger

5. Tanking & Analyzing— Reviving a business takes time

Stay Strong During Business Downturns

I wish turning around a business is easy … but it is not.

Reviving a dying business takes time and it requires some level of tanking and analyzing.

Tanking. No matter how hard it gets, hang on there. ‘The sun comes out after the rain.’

Analyzing. This is the last part where you are required to analyze your business. To be exact, analyzing what’s working and what’s not.

Having deep passion and patience are almost required in any business revival project. As Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone always say, “Do whatever it takes to achieve success.”

Summary: How do you revive a dying business?

The above 5 steps are critical if you are serious in reviving your dying business.

The process of turning around your business to success is not only important, but it is required to ensure that you are able to put food on your table, pay your employees and more importantly, building your business to success.

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