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We are different but don’t take our word for it. Read the case studies and testimonials, or even better, see for yourself.

Our diverse, talented, and experienced team is here for one purpose, to serve you.

The idea of Marketing Lancers came to light late in year 2016. After much planning and discussion, Marketing Lancers was launched on March 2017. Marketing Lancers is founded by Nicole Tan and Reginald Chan.

At Marketing Lancers, we pride ourselves as the ‘Navy SEALs’ in digital marketing. Each of the team member holds a specific role and are devoted to make your business a success!

Nicole Tan, co-founder

Nicole has been in the digital marketing industry for over 5 years and had served startups mainly in the fashion industry. Previously, she came from the hospitality industry and soon it went from customer service to digital marketing.

Once she is in the digital marketing industry, it didn’t took her long before she raised the bar and become a specialist in digital marketing planning. She managed to turn businesses from making ‘just enough’ to multiple folds in conversions and profits.

At Marketing Lancers, she currently serves as the co-founder and principle consultant for all social media strategizing and planning.

Reginald Chan, co-founder

Reginald has a much different background. He had his first taste in digital marketing back in 2004 and it soon went from a hobby to a full-fledged business opportunity. His strength lies heavily in content writing and search engine marketing.

He learned more about digital marketing by engaging with other influencers and opportunities to work along with big brands such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and SEMrush. The highlight of his career is when he was featured on Harvard University Blog and Yahoo! Small Business.

At Marketing Lancers, Reginald serves as the lead strategist for content and search related matters.

The team

Apart from the co-founders, Marketing Lancers also consists of ever-growing support team. At this point of time, Marketing Lancers has two support personals which involve in daily task and graphic designing.


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