Business Solution for SME Malaysia: The ULTIMATE Guide For Growth

What is the best business solution for SME in Malaysia? Learn more about business solutions for small business and how it can help your business grows.

We are not going to lie to you. Business solution (services) is very effective for growth, sales and management but this smart business solution can be really expensive. So much so that the range is always far from the ‘affordable’ range most SME in Malaysia can pay.

“Most business owners in Malaysia are often within two main range—startup or digital transformation (moving from brick and mortar to online).”

– Reginald Chan, Co-Founder

There’s a big question in your mind right now.

Should I use a smart business solution for growing my company?

Let’s us dive deep into this question, shall we?

What does a business solution company do?  A business solution company offers expertise related to specific business needs; e.g. marketing, payroll and human resources. Business owners look for business solution companies to help them with challenges they don’t have the expertise and knowledge to solve. For example, social media marketing and advertising.

Problem #1: Over Complicated Processes

Business Solution Services To Solve Complicated Workflows

Over complicated workflows can be solved using the right business solution strategies

Marketing Lancers constantly works with a wide range of clients, especially in the startup industry. The processes of growing your business can be overwhelming—and we totally understand that. Heck, we were once in your shoes too!

Processes are not supposed to be bad in nature as the right processes will grow our business to new heights. From creating marketing workflows to turning leads into customers, these processes can be really time-consuming and complicated.

When you add the above combination with smaller manpower, you are going to hit the brick wall real fast.

The solution to overcome over complicated processes: Implementing smart strategies (often derived from proven business solution strategies) will help you to be more organized at work and double the productivity at work. Higher productivity = More wins.

Problem #2: Limited/Lack of Experiences

Business Solutions Services Overcome Lack Of Experience

Agencies specialize in business solutions can overcome the lack of experience

The marketplace is fluid and everything is constantly changing. Search algorithms, social media and even your competitors are constantly changing the strategies to get win more customers.

You and your team are awesome and best at certain parts in the business. But you feel the heat especially as there are crucial parts of your business that you have no experience in. For example, most companies would have one (or a team) of marketers. However, they are often offline marketers and not online marketers.

Getting the wrong person to do the work is going to make things worse for your business and this is exactly when low productivity kicks in. It is exactly like calling a dentist to perform major heart surgery.

The solution to overcome limited experiences: Using the right smart business solution is going to help you remove this challenge once and for all. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, you can leave it to the professionals and focus on what you are doing best to grow your business.

Problem #3: Too Much Manual Works

Automated Business Solutions for SME Malaysia

Manual works take up a lot of time and is often not effective for businesses in Malaysia

Is your business still using papers and other forms of physical filling? If the answer is “yes”, I’m sure you will agree that it is time-consuming—from creating a new file to finding the right file, that is way a lot of work!

Plus, your staffs are often heard complaining about lack of time.

Regardless you are a startup, online business or offline business, there are almost certainly there are manual works. However, the advancement of technology allows us to move everything from physical to virtual. Not only that keeping files virtually is easier for your access (you can access it anywhere as long as there is Internet connection), there are security protocols that are in place to ensure that your files are always safe (from hackers, fire, etc.).

The solution to overcome (too many) manual works: Implementing and engaging smart business solutions are going to make workflows much easier, less time consuming and more effective for you and your entire team.

“During our first year launching Marketing Lancers, we went for manual works (printed papers and files) and that took us hours and hours of work just for sorting. Once we moved our business to entirely online with the help of Zoho Business Solution, we saved at least 10 hours a week and not only that, we were able to elevate our service level to new heights—making us one of the top online marketing agencies for startups in Malaysia.”

Marketing Lancers

Choosing The Right Business Solution for SME Malaysia

Affordable Business Solution Agency for SME Malaysia

Going for the right business solution is going to put fuel for your business’s growth

If you do a Google search for business solutions for your business, you will be spoilt with choices. 

But something else is going to kick in, right after a few seconds.

Your mind: Business solutions for SME is NOT cheap! Are you sure?

Most business solution services in Malaysia are not cheap. On average, they will range above RM 5,000.00 per month on average. So, what is the solution to this?

Instead of going for a full suite business solution, you should opt for a highly customized business solution for your company.

What is a customized business solution?

What Is Customized Business Solution Packages

A customized business solution offers flexibility, performance and affordability that fits your business

Most business solutions work on a framework. This means that it comes with a fixed packaging of A, B, C … and the list goes on. Prices are almost certainly fixed (thus, the big price tag). While this is often considered an awesome one-stop solution for your marketing needs, signing up for this form of business solution services means that you are using the same frameworks with hundreds or thousands of other businesses in Malaysia (and probably your competitors as well).

Can you stand out from the crowd with this? The clear answer is no. Not even close.

On the other hand, a customized business solution means that you are getting a business solution service that is custom only for your business needs. In other words, you are only paying for the services your business needs to grow while still enjoying a hands-off approach.

How much does a customized business solution costs for SME Malaysia?

How Much Does Business Solution Costs In Malaysia

How much does business solution really costs in Malaysia?

This is an excellent question and as usual, we try our best to be as transparent as possible with all our clients (and readers like you). The average customized business solution costs around RM 2,000.00 to RM 8,000.00 per month depending on the complexity of the project.

Wait, what??!

We don’t provide cheap business solutions but a specific, highly customized business solutions for SME in Malaysia. Being specific (along with our unique business strategy) allows us to provide an affordable business solution pricing for our clients.

Our strategic viable solutions include:

  • Business management
  • Communications
  • Sales & marketing
  • Social media
  • Analytics
  • Business integration
  • Data integration
  • Customer service

Do you know that 83.6% of people found Digitization & Automation workflows useful in generating High Performance Workforce (HPWF) and effectively increase KPI?

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