What are the biggest mistakes businesses make when using Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook for Marketing

Facebook for MarketingFacebook for Marketing​Facebook for marketing. When was the last time you know someone who ​start using Facebook marketing right after starting a business?

Common and it is really justified.

Facebook has over one billion users daily and everyone would want to have a piece of it. Most business owners think that the number of users on Facebook equals to their chances of success using Facebook Marketing.

​This is where it goes really, really wrong. In this article, you will discover the biggest mistakes businesses make when using Facebook for Marketing.

​1. Facebook planning is not needed

​Social media marketing is just like any other forms of marketing. You will need to have a plan because it is going to save you a lot of time and money.

​A complete Facebook planning would include a list of these:

  • check​Target audience
  • check​Geographical targeting
  • check​Value preposition
  • check​​Remarketing strategy
  • check​Allocation of budget
  • check​Analytics and analysis

​The truth is, the only way to be successful using Facebook for Marketing is through proper planning. You don’t have to a complete planning if you are just starting up. However, have at least a detailed progress or checklist to ensure that you are not wasting your marketing budget.

​2. Facebook for marketing is a numbers game

​How many of you (business owners) had seen this yourself?

​Let me share with you an example.

Me: How do you do your Facebook marketing?

​Client: I joined over a dozen of Facebook Groups and I post several updates daily about my products/services on these Facebook Groups.

Me: How is the conversion like? Are you getting quality leads from those?

Client: Sadly no and I have no idea what I do wrong. No one seems to be engaging with my posts. They just like, like and like!

​Now, do see the problem here?

​Most business owners have the idea that posting more on Facebook Groups will give them leads. Make no mistakes as I’m not saying that this is bad. By doing this, you will get probably a few leads from time to time.

The biggest question is do you want get more leads?

If yes, here’s a real fact. Using Facebook for marketing is an excellent way to generate quality leads — only when you have the right Facebook marketing strategy.

​3. Facebook for Marketing will show overnight results

​In marketing, there is no magic formula and not even Marketing Lancers could do give you results overnight.

Marketing, especially on social media platforms takes time and effort. In most cases, you will only see significant growth after three to six months of continuous marketing on digital platforms.

Always remember that Facebook is not a one-step solution that fits everything you want (growth, fans, sales etc.). While Facebook marketing can be configured to fit your specific needs, avoid cramping all your goals in just one campaign.

​4. Facebook advertising is for the big boys

​Another huge myth is Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can easily allocate your budget and tweak it from time to time.

​If you need a ballpark figure, we highly recommend our clients to allocate at least RM 300 per month solely on Facebook advertising because we are able to tweak the performance with super low costs around RM 0.10 to RM 0.50 per action.

Regardless whatever you industry you are in, Facebook advertising is a great way to help you build more traffic, generate more leads and increases your sales.

​5. Boosting Facebook posts

​Now, don’t get me wrong. Anyone can boost Facebook posts but we strongly recommend you not to do so.


Boosting posts without proper planning and strategy would lead to possible wastage of marketing budgets. You don’t have to boost every post you have on your page. Instead, consider boosting Facebook posts that will create an impact.

Not sure what this means? Click here and we’ll explain to you!

​6. I don’t need a Facebook page

​Want to know one of the biggest mistakes when using Facebook for marketing? You don’t use a Facebook page.

I know many business owners who still use their personal Facebook account to generate leads. They shouldn’t!

You need to start creating a Facebook page and it doesn’t cost you anything. In most cases, it takes less than 5 minutes to set it up and probably another 45 minutes to put in the details and making the page looks good.

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