Facebook Marketing Malaysia: Finding The Best Marketing Company In Malaysia

facebook marketing malaysia

What do you get when you search for “Facebook Marketing agency in Malaysia” on Google search?

10.1 million search results to be exact. That’s a massive number, isn’t it?

facebook marketing agency malaysiafacebook marketing agency malaysia

Let’s face it — Finding a good Facebook advertising agency in Malaysia could be a challenging task. At Marketing Lancers, we totally get it.

You are desperate for more sales and leads for your business and you heard how Facebook marketing can change the course for your business.

But there’re Two tiny problems

Scenario #1. You have no idea where to start and how Facebook marketing Malaysia works.

You could spend some money and time learning Facebook marketing but you know that it will take months.

And you don’t have the time.

Scenario #2. You tried Facebook marketing and it was just okay. You were getting customers in but the cost per conversion is crazily high.

Ultimately, you stopped Facebook ads campaign because you felt it is not worth while.

Resonates with the above scenarios?

Do you know that 80% of business owners in Malaysia struggle with Facebook advertising?

Of course, this leads to another question worth answering.

Question: Should I outsource my Facebook marketing?

Search for “Facebook Marketing Malaysia” on Google and look at the related searches that is displayed at the bottom of the page.

This is what it looks like.

facebook marketing malaysia agencyfacebook marketing malaysia agency

Do you notice that major search terms are related to outsourcing Facebook marketing?

Particularly, these keywords:

  • Facebook advertising agency Malaysia
  • Facebook marketing agency Malaysia
  • Social media marketing agency Malaysia
  • search-plusFacebook marketing expert Malaysia

Striving in your business is always challenging — and having the need to be on major online platforms such as Facebook is important for branding.

As we progress into the future, it is clear that business owners are willing to outsource digital marketing works to reduce headcount and to have higher chances of success?

Did you know?

At Marketing Lancers, we pride ourselves highly by operating at a whole different level compared to other digital marketing agencies in Malaysia. From pricing to customer support and from performance to scalability, we are devoted to go where our clients bring us to. Here’s a case study where we helped our client generated 200% more visibility in just 15 days.

Answer: Outsourcing digital marketing is an option, not requirement

I know many digital agencies in Malaysia have different opinion on this but hear me out.

As a business owner, you might not have the marketing budget or you are doubtful of what these agencies can do for you.

After all, who guarantees anything, right?

Outsourcing digital marketing in Malaysia is an option — and important option if you can scale your business to new heights minus the hassle.

Where to find the top top marketing company in Malaysia?

Well, you are looking at one! Seriously.

Putting everything aside, there are many ways you can find marketing agency in Malaysia without much effort.

Option #1. Using Google, search for “Facebook Marketing Malaysia” or “Facebook Marketing Agency In Malaysia”. You will find at least 30 different marketing companies at one go.

Option #2. Ask your business friends and seek for referral. You may not get many answers and the answers may not be extremely relevant to you.

Let’s take option #1 for example. Giving a call to any of them will pretty much be greeted with “we will run you through our demo” or “we will give you a free quote” type-of-thing.

When you get the quote, it will be like RM 5,000 and above per month at the very least. Then they will inform you that they have track records to prove etc.

Good option? Maybe not because you can easily pay two or three full-time staffs to manage your Facebook marketing with RM 5,000!

Now, let’s go with the option #2. Friends are great and you will get a few referral. After calling and speaking to them, you realized that they aren’t your type of marketing agency you are looking for!

Again, another challenge and you are lost.

Remember, you still want to make Facebook marketing work for you!

So, what do you do now?

Searching for Facebook marketing company in Malaysia

facebook marketing malaysiafacebook marketing malaysia

The answer is simple. Instead of searching for Facebook marketing company in Malaysia, you should focus on state-specific and digital marketing agency that focuses on conversion.

In this case, it is easier for you to work with a local marketing agency than in another state.

Let me tell you why this could be a good choice for you.

  • Marketing companies (out of Kuala Lumpur) often charge lower
  • It is easier for you to ask for meet up and discuss marketing plans
  • As distance is not a barrier, you can now have an external marketing team at your disposal at a fraction of the cost

What about digital marketing agency that focuses on conversion?

There are a lot of digital marketing companies that promise a lot of features but are unable to deliver. When this happens, business owners (that’s you) will be at the losing end.

The metrics that Marketing Lancers runs on is highly focused on conversions. Each tactic and strategy that we create is based on helping our customers convert more sales and get in more businesses, faster and more cost efficient.

Recap: Facebook Marketing Malaysia

I hope you find this article useful and hope you will be able to find the best agency to help you with Facebook marketing targeting Malaysian market.

Need help with Facebook marketing? Contact us today for more information!

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