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Facebook Marketing Ads Agency Malaysia

Facebook marketing in Malaysia is growing. With over 1 billion recorded active users on Facebook alone (monthly), it makes all the sense to start using Facebook for online marketing.

With the constantly growth of eCommerce store and business in Malaysia, the competition is very real — those who use online marketing for their business will have a higher chance of success compared to those who don't.

You are here for one reason ...

To find the best Facebook marketing ads agency in Malaysia.


You can ask me anytime of the day and I'll tell you that we (Marketing Lancers) are the best Facebook marketing ads agency in Malaysia.

But that's not the case.

This article is all about telling you what to expect and how hiring Facebook marketing agencies like us can skyrocket your business multiple folds.

Why should you hire Facebook marketing ads agency?

Facebook Ads Agency Malaysia

The answer is time and expertise.

Time. Do you have 2 hours to spend every day to check on analytics, conversion and planning? The fact is that most business owners are tied up with their business — and finding time is a hard thing. We all have families, right?

Expertise. The second part is expertise. Managing Facebook advertisement isn't a walk in the park. And no, it is certainly not just about boosting a post (and pay Facebook for it). It involves professional image creations, crafting call-to-actions, choosing the right words and managing the conversions.

How much should I pay to work with a Facebook marketing ads agency in Malaysia?

How Much Does Facebook Marketing Ads Agency Costs

Generally, it varies from agency to agency (as highlighted in our popular post, How Much Does Social Media Costs In Malaysia which I recommend you to take a read.

Typically, our rates are around RM 1,200.00 per month that includes:

  • Managing 1 x Facebook Page and 1 x Instagram Business Profile
  • Professional image creation
  • Content planning (paid and non-paid content)
  • Call-to-action crating
  • Pixel insection
  • Overall campaign management
  • 24/7 support via email, phone, WhatsApp and inhouse client's portal

I want to take the opportunity to clear the air as the fees above is for our management fee. Client is required to allocate at least RM 300 per month for Facebook ads (where Facebook will bill directly to you).

Generally, you should allocate around RM1,500.00 per month if you want to work with a professional Facebook marketing ads agency in Malaysia like us.

Still having doubts?

Hiring a Facebook marketing ads agency like Marketing Lancers is much cheaper compared to hiring a full time marketing executive.

Finding a Facebook marketing ads agency Malaysia

If you are interested to know more about about Facebook marketing, use the live chat button to talk to us today!


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