February 25, 2020

FREE Website Marketing Funnels Malaysia

Best Free Sales Marketing Funnels Malaysia

Having a proper landing page or website marketing funnel is important in Malaysia. And if you think that marketing funnels are not important, you are dead wrong. Implementing the right sales and marketing funnels will turn cold lead (website visitors) into steaming hot leads that you can convert them into paying customers.

There are two parts to this article. We will show you what is a website marketing funnel (you can call them landing pages too) and how we can help you build marketing funnels for free.

What Is A Website Marketing Funnel?

A website marketing funnel is a set of stages that drive website visitors from one part to another. The stages represent important parts of the customer's journey, including highlighting the challenges, amplifying the impact and providing a workable solution.

Here's a sample of the customer journey map.

Customer Journey Map And Stages

There are 5 main stages in the customer journey—and the most important step is to get website visitors and converting them right after they reach your landing page.

From there on, you need to analyze the strategy that is effective in turning cold leads into paying customers. At the very least, you need to keep strong tracking on the conversion rate for each stage. Stages that have a low conversion rate required tweaking and customization to ensure that you don't waste the marketing budget.

How To Get Free Marketing Funnel?

Free Website Marketing Funnel Malaysia

We get it. The unstable government and the Covid-19 virus scare are putting businesses out of business. So, for the next six months, we are going to give away FREE sales and marketing funnels for selected businesses.

Am I Entitle For FREE Sales And Marketing Funnel?

Here are some of the basic requirements you need to get your FREE sales and marketing funnel (done for you, at no cost):

➡️ Allocate a small budget (at least) for online advertisement (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

➡️ Have a working website

➡️ Best for businesses who are looking for digital transformation or have an existing online presence (website, landing page)

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