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Freelance Graphic Design Malaysia

Looking for freelance graphic designer in Malaysia? Marketing Lancers provides affordable graphic design services for Malaysian businesses.

Our Graphic Design Services

When affordability meets style


We design a lot of different artworks — from minimalist to professional images for eCommerce and business websites alike.


A good graphic design is not only great for the eyes, but plays an important role in getting attention that you deserved in with minimum effort.


We always incorporate specific colour palette in our graphic designs to create brand awareness and standization that your business needs.

Graphic Designs That Matter

Looking for freelance graphic designers in Malaysia? Why settle for subpar when we offer premium graphic design services that don’t cost an arm and leg for your business.

Graphic Designs That Look Good On Mobile, Too!

In 2017, there are 19.9 million smartphone users in Malaysia alone and the figure is constantly growing by the day. Graphic design that are created must not only look good on desktop, but as well as on mobile. That’s why we work really hard in ensuring that graphic created are based strictly on the dimension.

Graphic Finishing That Lasts A Lifetime

Graphic designing is an art that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every graphic that are created by our graphic designers are crafted based on your needs — from colour to goals. We want to make sure that the graphic designs that we create are not only great for the eyes but as well as convincing enough to generate sales and leads right from your first time visitor.

Our Simple & Effective

It all starts with a quick discovery call that lasts under 15 minutes. We want to know you, your business and the business goal.  Why? Because the graphic we are going to design next is going to be about your business.

The next step involves putting on our thinking cap and crafting graphic designs based on your needs. Typically, our turnover speed is under 72 hours. So if you are looking for speedy graphic designers, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


A quick call to understand you, your business and goals.

We put on our thinking cap to craft the best graphic ideas.


Work is started and will be completed with 72 hours.


Logos and colour palette will be incorporated to create brand.

Let Us Design Your Graphics Now

Regardless if you want to test run us, or award us with multiple projects, we are here and ready to prove our worth.

To get started, fill up the this form and let’s talk.


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