How Can Malaysian Businesses Use Online Marketing To Their Advantage?

How Can Malaysian Businesses Use Online Marketing To Their Advantage?

Online marketing — a topic that puzzles many businesses in Malaysia. Many business owners are struggling to understand how online marketing works and more importantly, how can Malaysian businesses use online marketing to their advantages.

Online marketing is not only a form of effective marketing for eCommerce, but as well as brick and mortar businesses (those that don’t have online store).

The biggest question is “How” and that’s what you will find in today’s post.

1. Online marketing helps you generate visibility

If you are a business owner, you know how important visibility is for your business.

Online marketing allows you to reach out to the right audience (potential customers) with the right content and at specific area of your choice.

For example, local businesses can promote their stores within 50 kilometers in just a few clicks … all thanks to online marketing.

2. Online marketing is affordable (and therefore, ‘abuse’ it as much as you can)

Compared to traditional marketing, online marketing is affordable and cheap in many ways.

Can you imagine reaching out to 10,000 (or more) people in just a few hours? Absolutely time saver!

Online marketing is cheap (despite what others are saying). For example, proper Facebook marketing optimization allows our clients to enjoy as low as RM 0.30 per engagement and under RM 2.00 per conversion. Click here to ask us for more information.

Now, let’s get back to reality. Offline marketing would easily costs you at least RM 5,000 to RM 10,000 with untrackable results. Online marketing would easily costs you at least RM 1,000 a month with trackable results.

Which will you choose?

3. Online marketing works for brick and mortar businesses (too!)

Let’s face it. Most businesses in Malaysia don’t have online stores. So, how would they use online marketing for their own advantages?

For these local businesses, they should focus on using online marketing to build awareness. In other words, online marketing is a way for them to promote their brand and making it a norm thing for the public.

Take a look at the Grab’s advertisement below.

grab starbucksgrab starbucks

Imagine this advertisement is seen on Facebook, road side banners and local newspapers. The public will not only see Grab but also Starbucks.

And when it comes to coffee, their first mindset will shift to Starbucks (and taxi/cab to Grab).

4. Online marketing removes the barrier of distances

Do you know that online marketing allows your company to be visible far and wide?

Take a look at Marketing Lancers. While we are a digital marketing agency based in Melaka, Malaysia, we have clients reaching out to us around the world — from Australia to China, from United States to United Kingdom.

Online marketing is powerful and if done correctly, you can easily remove the barrier of distances which is a huge taboo in Malaysia.

Want to reach out to potential customers not only within your state but other states in Malaysia (or overseas)? Online marketing is your secret tool to achieve this!

Summary: How Can Malaysian Businesses Use Online Marketing To Their Advantage?

There are many ways for Malaysian businesses to use online marketing to their advantage.

Here’s one question. Are you ready to leverage online marketing for more sales and leads?

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