March 9, 2019

Content Writing Services Malaysia: How Much Does Content Writing Costs?

Want More Sales? Use Powerful Content Today!

Everyone can write — but only a few who can really craft the best words to convert readers into customers.

Content writing is an art which is often time gifted to an individual. Sure, you can learn the art of writing great content but it requires a lot of passion to produce world class content.

You are reading this post because you want to know how much content writing costs in Malaysia.

And I'm going to spill the beans in this post. Carry on reading to learn more.

Important: Do you know that SEO content writing is extremely important for eCommerce business?

How Much Does Content Writing Costs In Malaysia?

Content Writing Services Malaysia

Charges for content writing is just like social media marketing — it varies based on your needs.

For example, the price of a landing page in Malaysia differs a lot when compared to content writing for blogs. This is because the work/expertise needed to produce each work is different.


What you will find in the next few moments is how Marketing Lancers charge for our content writing services. Bear in mind that it varies from agency to agency.

Content Writing Services Plans & Pricing In Malaysia 2019

Instance 1


For those who require one-off writing services




  • 800 to 1,000 words
  • SEO copywriting
  • Rewriting services
  • CopyScape Premium checking
  • US & UK English
  • Two minor amendments per article (included)
  • Turnover is 48 hours
Landing Page

When you need professional copywriter for conversion




  • Unlimited words per page
  • Rewriting services (if required)
  • US & UK English
  • Two minor amendments per page (included)
  • Turnover is 72 hours
  • Call-to-action wording (included)
Full Website

For those who require full website rewriting (more than 5 pages)




  • Service fee varies based on number of pages
  • SEO copywriting
  • Rewriting services
  • CopyScape Premium checking
  • US & UK English
  • Two minor amendments per project
  • Turnover is 7 days

Who Are Our Content Writers?

Freelance Content Writers In Malaysia

We get this question a lot — our content writers are all from Malaysia.

We do not outsource content writing because we believe in content writing quality.

Our content writers are not only from Malaysia, but have years of experience in content writing for at least a year. On average, our content writers have around two to three years experience in content writing.

They have been writing for brands such as Jeff Bullas, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. Magazine.

Are There Any Discounts For Content Writing Services?

Content Writing Services Malaysia Discount

At Marketing Lancers, we try hard not to provide discount because it is a business model that won't work well.

Most agencies provide discounts and in return, impacting the overall results.

We only provide content writing services discount for case to case basis, such as:

  • Non-profit organization
  • Government
  • Special events that we host several times a year

Is It Worth Getting A Content Writer In Malaysia?

Should I Hire Content Writer In Malaysia

The answer is yes. Hiring freelance content writers or content writing agencies in Malaysia will help you save time and effort.

The time that you save can be used for other forms of business activities such as managing your business, marketing your business and reaching out to your clients.

More importantly, content writing require skills — and it is always best to leave it to the professionals.

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