June 19, 2018

How To Do Effective Digital Marketing In Malaysia?

Fact: Small and medium sized business owners in Malaysia need to leverage digital marketing to grow their business ... NOW.

Let's be honest. Doing digital marketing in Malaysia isn't as easy as walking in the park. So, let's get the fact right and here are some major challenges you are going to face when you decide to start digital marketing in Malaysia.

  • Too many social media platforms
  • Deciding on the metrics to use (to gauge the effectiveness)
  • Insufficient knowledge/skills
  • banLack of time

There is no doubt that digital marketing can help your business flourish regardless you are targeting Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines or any parts in the world.

So, how do you promote business locally using digital marketing?

Here are two options to go with.

1. Do it yourself digital marketing

This digital marketing strategy is best fit if you have a marketing team onboard. In short, you need to organize a few brainstorming sessions to discover:

how to diy digital marketing malaysiahow to diy digital marketing malaysia

  • Best social media platform that your potential customers are at
  • Geographical targeting (e.g. Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Seremban, Melaka, etc.)
  • Demographic of your potential customers (age, gender, interests)
  • checkLead generation methodology (how, what and when to collect leads)
  • checkLead generation funnel where you convert leads into potential buyers
  • checkAllocation of marketing budget for paid marketing
  • checkDuration needed to gauge the marketing efforts
  • checkMetrics to gauge the marketing results

Doing digital marketing inhouse is great because you have pretty much unlimited control on everything but the downside is your team will be bombarded with more work (if they already have a lot on their plate).

2. Working with digital marketing consultants

There are a lot of misconception of digital marketing consultants in Malaysia. Small and medium sized business owners should hire digital marketing consultants to work side by side with their sales and marketing team.

When both internal and external parties work together, everyone will have the same primary/secondary goals and indirectly, this will drive to better results.

digital marketing consultants malaysiadigital marketing consultants malaysia

For business owners, you will be able to see better results and cost saving (headcount and optimized marketing budget).

For digital marketing consultants, smooth flow of information allows work to be done fast and effectively — thus creating better results in a shorter time.

You should work with digital marketing consultants if you want:

  • Effective digital marketing strategies with proven framework
  • Reduce headcount and improve cost saving
  • Highly result-orientated digital marketing strategies
  • checkHassle free and no more sleepless nights
  • checkZero long term commitment and hire based on project basis (selected digital marketing agencies in Malaysia only)

Recapping digital marketing Malaysia

Digital marketing is the new marketing for small and medium sized businesses in Malaysia. Are you ready to leverage digital marketing strategies in Malaysia?

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