February 5, 2020

How To Lift Your Business Up During Low Seasons In Malaysia?

3 Steps To Get More Business Right Now

A low season. Bad business trends. Downwards business forecasts. These are just a few challenges we hear from our clients in the past 30 days. To be honest with you, the situation will be 'like this' for the next 3 to 6 months.

Sitting around and doing nothing is not going to help your business grow. As an entrepreneur and business owner in Malaysia, you might be thinking "how can I leverage this bad season?"

Lucky for you, here are 3 simple things you can do right now to lift your business up and earn a bit of extra money.


Align Goals

A slow month is always the best time to analyze the market condition. Smart business owners will create strategic 3-months planning to maintain and grow the business.


Most businesses will stop their marketing, and this 'vacuum' is an excellent time for you to do some light marketing tactics to get the needed customers.


A slow business trend is no excuse for a below par service. Instead of taking in new hire (or freeze the position), businesses owners opt for freelancers and virtual assistance services to save cost

Wait! Don't just stop here.

Scroll down and continue reading. You'll find the top 3 ways to lift your business up in 2020 (we seriously want to see you succeed).

Aligning Goals

Align Goals During Low Seasons

With the Coronavirus scare in the air, businesses in Malaysia are experiencing one of the toughest time in the year of the rat. Some businesses that rely on China were affected badly ... and we are expected to see a downwards trend in the next 6 months.

Marketing Lancers advise business owners to take the time to plan your short term strategy. There is no better time than now. Instead of fear, focus on growth and make your business much better through strategic planning.

Step Up Marketing Efforts

How To Step Up Marketing Efforts During Bad Business Trends

With the downturn of the Malaysian economy, most business owners in Malaysia are downsizing their marketing effort. In contrary, this is actually one of the best time to do online marketing.

But there's a twist in this.

You shouldn't just spin up a marketing campaign. Instead, take the time to plan for a strategic approach. 

What is a strategic approach, you asked?

A strategic approach simply means that you create marketing campaigns that will be highly engaging and doesn't sound too salesy.

One great example is that instead of telling your potential customers how awesome/great your content are, you should focus on telling them the challenges they face (yes, your potential clients might oversight on the challenges they face)  and how to solve the problem.

By offering a solution, you are giving the customers options to either to get your product and be satisfied or save money and suffer for a period of time.

If you need some strategizing and planning, you can reach out to us. Our principle consultants are happy to work with you (and your team) in creating an actionable campaign without burning a hole in your wallet.

Go For Improvement

How To Improve Business Output During Bad Months

The market is hard in Malaysia and this is not the time to cut corners. Cutting corners will just make your current customers feeling dissatisfied and ultimately, they will find reasons to stop engaging with you. 

What you need to do now is to improve the overall service and the easiest way to start is by improving the customer service level.

Get your team members to pick up the phone and start contacting your clients. This is the time to create a 'bridge' and build strong relationships. Listen to their problems and make sure you take note of them. Plot the challenges in Excel or whiteboard and those are your pipeline for the year!

Again, do not go cheap with manpower. Having a lesser manpower is not the right time now because it is going to affect your brand and business.

If you insist of reducing your overhead cost (especially in manpower), consider hiring freelancers or virtual assistants. Instead of paying a full month salary to a salaried employee, you can easily reduce the commitment by over 33% every month when you hire a virtual assistant.

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Remember: Bad business trends and low seasons don't last

It doesn't matter which country you are in and it goes the same for Malaysia. Bad times don't last and as a business owner, you need to hang in there.

Be it a global epidemic or a temporary low season, there are always ways to get out of this bad times. 

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