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March 22, 2018

How To Promote Your Business Locally?

​Promoting your business locally, especially in Malaysia, is a challenging task. ​Would you like to get more customers and leads knocking at your door?

More importantly, do you want to learn how you can promote your business online and make the money you deserve?

This article covers how you can promote your business locally without overstretching your marketing budget and increase your sleepless nights.

​1. ​Look at your business plan

​I know you want to promote your business locally but are you missing out some important points?

You see, stress can lead to overlooking important matters that could easily affect your business.

​At the same time, this is also a great time to take a look at your overall business plan. For example, are you leaving out anything that you could be doing that lead to better promotion and happier customers?

​Struggling to create a business plan? Take a look at this guide to help you create a business plan.

​Here are some ideas you can start with.

Running a restaurant or cafe in Melaka. You may want to focus on creating Instagram-able food and beverage items. You can also use loyalty program to retain customers and lower cost menu items to capture the attention of lower-paying customers.

eCommerce website owner. It would be challenging for you to compete with bigger brands such as Lazada. However, you can easily leverage the power of remarketing to increase sales conversions. Afterall, remarketing is often 50% much cheaper in advertising and provides 25% more sales opportunity.

​Running a brick and mortar service. You should consider adding local marketing into your overall strategy. This means that your brand should be visible in many places as possible, promoting the vision and ission that you believe in. For example, sponsoring an event is a great way to build strong audience and visibility back to your brand.

​2. Understand your ​customers

​Let's take Melaka for instance. There are so many cafes and restaurants in town. How can you promote your cafe business locally and successfully?

​This is where you take the time to understand your audience. here are some questions you need to answer:

  • ​What are they looking for?
  • ​What are their needs?
  • ​Do you cater more towards family friendly cafe or for couple?
  • ​What is your price range when compared to other cafes within your area?
  • ​Are you customers loyal to you or just one-off?

​I got to be honest. These are some tough questions but the tougher the questions are, the better your answers would be.

​And magic happens when you are able to answer tough questions!

​How do you get insights from your customers?

  • ​Surveys
  • ​Analytics
  • Research

​Doing surveys or questionnaires will give you deep insights on your customers. When it comes to survey marketing, make sure you ask very precise questions and avoid asking more than 10 questions (5 or less is always the best).

​You should have a website (even if you are brick and mortar business) because that gives you instant boost of visibility in the online world. Open up your Google Analytics and perform searches such as "Landing Pages" and "Exit Pages." These data will give some ideas of your potential customers.

​You can also understand your customer behavior by doing research. ​The research process ia always complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is not a favorable marketing choice for many ​cafe owners.

​3. Getting ​reviews

​Reviews can either make or break your business. But if you seriously in promoting your business locally, you need to strive hard to get reviews.

Allow me to share a case study we did recently.

​There are many hotels in Melaka and we were fortunate to be able to work with a hotel in terms of branding. Due to the client's budget constraint, we decided to implement very actionable strategy to boost online reviews.

The results?

96% of positive reviews for three months in a row not only incerases the hotel's rank on TripAdvisor, it helped the hotel to generate more sales faster and more efficiently! For the record, an increase of 31% of revenue when compared year over year (YoY).

​4. Network and promote your business

​One of the best way to promote your business locally is through participating in local networking events. This is literally the place where you introduce your business to other business owners.

If you are running a cafe business, consider inviting them over for a drink or food after the event to further boost your visibility. And when this happens, remember to take photos with them (tagging them as well) on social media.

​5. Search engine optimization

​Search engine optimization is one of the best marketing strategy to promote your business locally.

What is search engine optimization?

It is a marketing process where it helps your content to rank higher on Google result pages. The higher you rank, the more traffic you will get!

Want to know more?

Read this case study on how Marketing Lancers helped one of our clients achieved 200% more visibility and traffic in just 15 days.

​6. Social media marketing

​Using paid ads targeting locals and people residing near your business is a great way to promote locally.

​Social media advertising isn't entire free local marketing strategy and often requires the usage of ads.

With proper targeting, paid social media ads can yield high ROI for your business. ​​


​Want to start Facebook marketing? Here are 8 Facebook marketing tips for startup businesses.

Promote Your Business Locally This Weekend

Are you waiting for the best time to promote your business?

No, you should do it right now and if you need help promoting your business (or even need some quick marketing ideas), feel free to reach out to us by clicking on this link!

Our crew is always on standby if you need any help. Don't be shy to ask for help or free consultancy.

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