July 13, 2018

Is Online Marketing Right for My Business?

One of the most common question asked by Malaysian business owners is this - Is online marketing right for my business?

Most businesses in Malaysia are brick and mortar businesses. This means that there is a physical store to sell products and chances of them having an online store is close to zero.

So, is online marketing right for my business?

Carry on reading below to discover the answer.

Online marketing is right for my business if I want to get more brand awareness/visibility

brand awareness through online marketingbrand awareness through online marketing

As business owners, we often think of sales, revenue and everything related to finance. Well, it makes sense since we are the business owners, right?

But here's the problem. You can't get sales (or more sales) if your business has very limited visibility. Using online marketing, you could easily reach a wider range of audience within a short time period.

For example, using Facebook or Google advertising allow you to reach thousands of potential customers in just a few days. Compared to traditional marketing, traditional marketing is much slower and time-consuming.

Online marketing is right for my business if I want to get more sales

We all care about the sales, don't we?

If you want to increase the number of sales, then online marketing is a must. It must be apart of your marketing mix in matter what industry you are in.

Online marketing is right for my business because with proper online strategy, I can reach out to a wider range of audience — and encouraging them to either contact my business, generate leads or to make purchases through my online store. Even if I don't have an online store, I can still encourage potential customers to visit my store and make purchases.

Online marketing is not right for my business if I have no expertise

Expertise In Online MarketingExpertise In Online Marketing

Yes, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are saying that anyone can perform online marketing (paid ads) in just a few clicks. Without proper knowledge, you are not able to reach the right audience and will end up wasting your advertising budget.

If you are just starting up a business in Malaysia and have no digital marketing team, consider working with third party consultants or agencies to put your online marketing at work.

You should always remember that expertise is required when it comes to creating online marketing strategies for your business.

Online marketing is not right for my business if I am afraid of losing/failed campaigns

failed online marketingfailed online marketing

Last but not least, there is no guarantee when it comes to online marketing. At Marketing Lancers, many Malaysian SME's and entrepreneurs asked us about the percentages of success (when using online marketing).

There is no guarantee because there are many factors behind it. However, online marketing is not a failed marketing strategy because the chance of success is high.

Allow me to rephase.

We cannot put a percentage figure for online marketing success but the chances of success is always above 80% in most cases.

Recap: Is online marketing right for my business?

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