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March 20, 2018

Ranking On Google: How we increase 200% visibility case study

​Helping our clients rank on Google is fun and in most cases, extremely rewarding for us emotionally. In this case study, you will find some powerful insights with our search engine marketing strategy/framework that helped one of our clients getting 200% increase in visibility and keyword ranking in just 15 days into the service.

Disclaimer: We have tested this strategy over and over again — it has a 95% chance of success.

These strategies include ​three key phrases which are:

  • checkExtensive keyword research
  • checkCrafting the right content
  • checkUsing social signals

​[Proof] ​200% increase in visibility

​Take a look at the images below.

increase google ranking on desktopincrease google ranking on desktop

​Dominance Index on desktop

​We started the SEO service back on 4th March 2018 and the client is a prominent figure in his industry. However, there is very limited growth and traffic even through he had been publishing content regularly.

​After we loaded up the keywords that our client is targeting, we came up with a low dominance score of 0.16%. on Google desktop. Scary fact in deed and he was speechless.

15 days into the service, it is now 0.48% and it has grown over 200% in visibility on Google desktop alone.

ranking on google mobileranking on google mobile

​Dominance Index on mobile

​Our SEO services also include ranking on Google mobile. He started slightly higher at 0.19% dominance score and after 15 days, it had increased to a high 0.53%.

A healthy 178.95% increase from his official score!

Our humble ​seo strategy that works

​Our SEO marketing strategy involves steps such as:

  • check​Understanding the client's vision and mission — what's in for them and their audience
  • check​Monitor and analyze their competitors
  • check​Create a list of primary keywords targeted by the client (and create a secondary lists of keywords that we choose)
  • checkAnalyze the top 10 results on Google (based on keywords)
  • checkAnalyze the market demands in forums, Q&A sites and social media
  • check​Craft the right content that attracts the right audience
  • check​Integrate indirect social media marketing strategy to boost visibility

​If you are wondering, we do not use black hat SEO to help our clients to rank because we have a well-thought out and proven SEO marketing strategy that will help clients to rank on Google.

​Here's what you need to know. This strategy works flawlessly because the client has an authoritative feature in the industry and he has an aged domain (over 4 years old).

​What made him unable to rank was simply because the market competition is stiff, he didn't use the right SEO marketing strategy and more importantly, he doesn't have the time to practice the right SEO methods. Therefore, he opt for affordable search engine optimization companies like us.

After understanding his needs and goals, it was easy for us to determine the SEO strategy to rank his site. More importantly, our research and analytics found out that most of his competitors are targeting high volume and high competition keywords. This leaves a lot of room for him to monopolize the small and medium search volume keywords.

Search engine optimization doesn't only involves keyword research but also website optimization to ensure that the right keywords (and words) are used to send the right signals to the web visitors.

We tweaked several pages (including the homepage) and finally, publishing highly optimized content for him. By imputing the right mix of primary, secondary and LSI keywords, we were able to rank each article faster and more efficiently.

As a result, happy client and super satisfied Marketing Lancers crew.

Looking for ​organic ​SEO strategy consultant in ​Malaysia?

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