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We are a full service

Social Media
Agency Malaysia

Looking for a team of marketers who can help you drive traffic from social media?

WHy us?

We helped dozens of companies (locally and abroad) with leverage social media marketing through proven marketing techniques that bring results. Here’s how.

Business Strategy

Successful marketing is all about implementing the right strategy. Here, we help you to craft the social media marketing strategies that produce results.

Brand Identity

All our social media marketing strategy relates back to your brand identity. From colour to verbiage, we ensure that they are done in a perfect manner


Content Marketing

The right words will determine the effectiveness of your campaign. Thus, we spend a lot of time crafting the best words for all your content. 

Reduced Cost

Our in-house marketing system and marketing framework allow you to reach a wider range of audience at a lower cost — thus, being more effective.

Analytics & Reports

Our data sumo’s (data analysts) will drive deep into the data to discover trends and hidden gems to improve visibility, conversion and overall sales.

Image Creation

Having great content is not sufficient. We design professional images to ensure that your content stands out from the massive crowd.

Whole New Social media experience for your brand

We transform ideas, values and vision into professional digital marketing solutions to communicate and support your strategic goals. From publishing content to nurture leads based on their social engagement, we are the ‘Navy Seals’ in social media marketing Malaysia.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

Our customized solutions allow us to craft the perfect social media marketing strategy based on goals, vision and budget — and not the type of online marketing services that make us profitable.

More Than Just Marketing

We don’t consider ourselves merely as social media consultants — we want to be your partner in crime. After all, your success is our success.

Our skills

We are best in class — not because we are bold, we are just that good.

With over 40 years of combined knowledge and expertise in social media marketing, Marketing Lancers can help you achieve your goals faster and effectively, minus the large budget or investment.

All our marketing strategies are backed by data and research — thus you know that everything we do to achieve massive results for you.


  • Analytical – 96%
  • Content – 89%
  • Design – 85%

More than just a creative agency in Malaysia — we are the absolutely industry distrupter when it comes to social media marketing.

Award winning Team

We are social media specialists that are passionate and devoted to get results for your business — efficiently and effectively.

Regardless you are running an eCommerce or brick and mortar business, we can be a great external marketing team to your thriving business.

For us, there is nothing too big or too small for us to handle.


Let’s Start Something new

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