August 2, 2020

Starting An eCommerce Store In Malaysia (2020 Edition)

Should I Start An eCommerce Store In 2020

Is this the best time to start an eCommerce store in Malaysia? We are sure this is one of the most thought-after question for Malaysians during MCO and now, post MCO era. Plus, it is a scary time right now. We are in uncharted waters and fears in business are reaching to unprecedented levels.

Make a nice cup of coffee and sit down with us for the next 5 minutes as we will go through some thoughts on starting an eCommerce business in Malaysia.

Some facts about eCommerce Malaysia

For those of you who love stats, here are some crazy statistics before we dive into the topic.

0Southeast Asia’s digital market by 2025
US$200 billion
eCommerce penetration in Malaysia in 2019
Malaysian shoppers shop on smartphones

For Consumers: eCommerce Price War Leads To Cheaper Goods

Price War In Malaysia

Let's take a quick example of the latest Government's encouragement to boost the local economy — ePenjana. Eligible Malaysians will receive RM50 each where they can use for online purchases. Sure, it relates closely to paying bills and other needed requirements but all these tiny little steps help to make Malaysian ready for the big market.

What's worst is this. 

You will get tons of messages (push messages, email, SMS etc.) from big brands such as Shopee, Grab, Lazada, Food Panda, Touch & Go with the ePenjana perks.

It is all about price war. In eCommerce Malaysia, the first who is able to provide cheaper alternative wins. Straightforward and simple.

For consumers, it is a massive win because we get cheaper products and better services at the very least.

For Businesses: Launching eCommerce Stores

Start An Online Store Malaysia

For business owners, moving from brick and mortar business to eCommerce store is not really a walk in the park. Technological has certainly hit many businesses right in the heart and this can be rather scary times.

What's worst is that business owners are afraid because they were told that eCommerce stores are expensive to create, or needing certain expertise to launch one.

Well, what you might have heard is partially correct.

You see, it's quite easy to start an eCommerce store if you know what you are doing and beating your competitors is easy when you have the right team or marketing framework.

We recently launched our pricing guide for starting an eCommerce store which you can take a look at right here: eCommerce pricing in Malaysia.

And we get a lot of this question all the time.

Why are we charging so cheap for an eCommerce store?

The answer is rather straightforward. Profitability comes second in our business modal. The first is all about our clients. If you are spending tons on money in the initial stages, you are not going to be able to sustain for long without sales.

And we marketing agencies know one thing. It takes time to grow an eCommerce store and it certainly takes time to generate sales!

Should I start an eCommerce store in Malaysia in 2020?

Should I start an eCommerce store in Malaysia in 2020?

We knew deep in our hearts that you will most probably ask this question somewhere down the road and we are happy to share our thoughts.

The answer is a resounding "YES." 

There is no better time to start an eCommerce store in Malaysia because the market is pretty much ready for it. You don't have to spend a whole lot of money in creating an eCommerce store in Malaysia.


Because we charge anywhere between RM500 to RM800 for a simple eCommerce store and anywhere between RM800 to RM2,000 for a more complete one. Plus, it comes with all the perks such as free domain name, email hosting and dedicated support for a year.

No crazy monthly fees or whatsoever.

With the constant growth of eCommerce, we find no reason why you shouldn't start an online store in Malaysia.

Help: Help me start an eCommerce store in Malaysia

If you need help or someone to guide you through the eCommerce steps, we are here to help. Hit the live chat button to talk to us (or with our super smart AI bot). You can also reach out to us via our contact page

Prefer mobile conversation? WhatsApp us at +60196651188 to schedule a quick over the phone conversation (it's free, don't worry).

See you on the flip side, Malaysians!

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