How Facebook Advertising Benefits Your Business In Malaysia?

facebook advertising benefits business

Do you know that Facebook advertising can benefit your business? In this article, you will find 5 ways Facebook advertising can change the course of your business (both short and long terms). 1. Getting more visibility (eyeballs) If you are running a business in Malaysia, you will know that visibility is everything. While you can […]

Facebook Marketing Malaysia: Finding The Best Marketing Company In Malaysia

facebook marketing malaysia

What do you get when you search for “Facebook Marketing agency in Malaysia” on Google search? 10.1 million search results to be exact. That’s a massive number, isn’t it? Let’s face it — Finding a good Facebook advertising agency in Malaysia could be a challenging task. At Marketing Lancers, we totally get it. You are […]

Social Media Marketing: What Business Owners In Malaysia Need To Know?

Social Media Marketing Malaysia

​Yes, you are right. Social media marketing is one of the most effect digital marketing strategies in Malaysia. Let me guess — you felt that social media marketing is complicated, you probably doesn’t have the right person in place or simply looking for a complete guide to social media marketing in Malaysia. ​This is exactly […]

What are the biggest mistakes businesses make when using Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook for Marketing

​Facebook for marketing. When was the last time you know someone who ​start using Facebook marketing right after starting a business? Common and it is really justified. Facebook has over one billion users daily and everyone would want to have a piece of it. Most business owners think that the number of users on Facebook […]