Is Online Marketing Right for My Business?

Is Online Marketing Right for My Business

One of the most common question asked by Malaysian business owners is this – Is online marketing right for my business? Most businesses in Malaysia are brick and mortar businesses. This means that there is a physical store to sell products and chances of them having an online store is close to zero. So, is […]

How To Test A Product On Facebook (A Guide For Malaysian Entrepreneurs)

How To Test A Product On Facebook (A Guide For Malaysian Entrepreneurs)

As a Malaysian, I want to say that we are lucky to be in Malaysia (in many ways). With the huge differences in exchange rate between Malaysian Ringgit and US Dollar, the entrepreneurship industry had skyrocketed to new heights. Entrepreneurs in Malaysia are coming up with new ideas to penetrate not only the local market, […]

How Does Facebook Edgerank Works?

What Is Facebook Edgerank

As a business consultant, questions about Facebook Edgerank always pop up in the conversations with clients. In today’s article, I want to provide answers to one of the most asked questions, “​​What is Facebook Edgerank?” ​What is Facebook Edgerank? ​Facebook Edgerank is an algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what should be seen by users […]

Complete Guide for Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook Image Size Guide for Facebook Marketing

​Facebook marketing is a powerful tactic for online branding. On the other hand, images should not be left behind as a properly optimized image can lead to improved engagement rate on Facebook. This is possible because posts with images are able to capture a user’s attention and entice the person even further to interact with […]

What are the biggest mistakes businesses make when using Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook for Marketing

​Facebook for marketing. When was the last time you know someone who ​start using Facebook marketing right after starting a business? Common and it is really justified. Facebook has over one billion users daily and everyone would want to have a piece of it. Most business owners think that the number of users on Facebook […]

Facebook Advertising For Startups – 8 Powerful Tips To Nail Facebook Advertising

facebook tips for startups

I totally get it. Facebook advertising for startups can be nerve wracking. Correct me if I’m wrong but investing money into Facebook advertising is always a gamble. First, we talk about ROI. You have no idea what to project or to aspect from Facebook advertising. Second, let’s face it. Most startups don’t have the time […]