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Welcome to Marketing Lancers

Here's why we are that good in online marketing.

Experience & Passionate

In today's world, experience in digital marketing (in Malaysia) is scare. Marketing Lancers is more than just a digital marketing agency—we're top class and we are crazily passionate in making businesses fly in the online realm.

Bold, Creative & Unique

We believe in creating customized marketing strategies which are bold, creative and unique for your brand. From pharmaceutical to oil and gas, from education to fashion, we are going to "wow" you with our strategies. 

Beyond Partnership

This is not just a project. We consider our clients as partners in crime. This means that it is not entirely about the money—it is all about putting your brand in front of the tenth of thousands at the right time, with the right message.

Our Mission
One of the many reasons why we work

Marketing Lancers was created because we love helping clients solving their biggest online marketing challenges—from branding to increasing sales revenue, we are deeply passionate to help your business achieve new heights.

Our partners love us because we are real and this means that we are not shy to share our thoughts with our partners for massive improvements.

After all, we do need third party views to see the bigger picture.

Our Goals
Pricing is the least of your concern

Worried of the large sum charged by most digital agencies in Malaysia? Fret no more!

At Marketing Lancers, we create custom-made plans for all our clients because we understand that no two businesses are alike. 

More importantly, we are a firm believer that our partners should only pay for services they require, not the whole 9-yard.

Our Expectations
Partnership geared for success

We appreciate the opportunity provided by our partners in working together creating the best marketing strategies to win customers and competitors.

Therefore, we equipped ourselves with the best information, best practices and perform endless hours of research to create the best marketing solution for your business.

The result? Successful marketing campaigns and extremely happy partners.

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