Why Great Customer Service Is Critical To Business Success?

Remote Customer Service Agency Malaysia

What is good customer service and how to provide it all the time?

Good customer service can be the difference between being able to compete, survive and failing for small businesses in Malaysia.

If there is one word that all employees of a business should embed in their mind, then that particular term should be “customer.”

“Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations.” — John Jantsch @ Duct Tape Marketing.

At Marketing Lancers, we are truly amazed at how many small business owners in Malaysia that take a “wing and a prayer” approach to good customer service in their business; they hire what they think are good people and just assume that they’ll do the right things — often without even bothering to do any customer service training.

We have drafted many digital marketing strategies for Malaysia local businesses and yes, they get tons of leads and calls.

However, when it comes to conversion and retaining the customers, they fall short.

Why many local businesses in Malaysia are not able to get customers?

No Customer

No, it is not about the digital marketing strategies that are in place.

As a matter of fact, the strategies are so great that they should be rock solid.

The cause of the ‘downfall’ is simply because they fall short in providing excellent customer service that turn heads.

What is good customer service?

Good customer service is not the same with plain old customer service. Good customer service allows you to convert and nurture first time visitors into paying customers (without spending a whole lot of time in creating an excellent product).

Remember this: Good customer service > Product

Customer service in Malaysia (stats)

Customer Service Stats for Small Business Malaysia

Do you know that 60% of the people get influenced by others when they are about to buy?

And do you know that the chance of getting a sales lies heavily on customer support and customer engagement?

Marketing Lancers has been in the digital marketing industry in Malaysia for over three years and we are no where near the big boys.

But do you know that 95% of every customer we acquire each month comes from positive customer engagement?

Customer Engagement

Positive customer engagement (as we call it) is all about building trust with the customers when they first reach out to us. Regardless it is a call, WhatsApp message or through our live chat module, we take customer support to whole new levels.

The next level customer support by Marketing Lancers

Remote Customer Service Support In Malaysia

Ponder on this.

What type of perception you have on a brand when you are first greeted warmly and professionally?

There is your first impression (that counts)!

Case Study #1: LOUIS VUITTON (LV)

Louis Vuitton Customer Service

When you entered the shop, you are greeted by the friendly doorman or door girl.

Within seconds, you are ushered to the locations of your choice (handbags, shoes etc.). 

You are greeted well and every request is taken seriously by the person who is attending to you.

You will feel being cherished, an important person and more importantly, every negative thoughts of purchasing the expensive product never existed (at least for that period of time).

Results: Happy customer (you) and happy brand.

Case Study #2: Medispa in Melaka

Medispa Melaka

This medispa is located in Melaka and before working with us, their conversion rate for every lead (call, WhatsApp, email and Facebook message) is 4% (one successful client for every 25 who contacted them).

The medispa experienced a whopping a 71% increase in successful conversion (75% which is three clients for every four who called in) when working with us.

What we did was no rocket science — we understood that the medispa product was great but they are lacking conversions.

To be exact, here’s a list of what we did:

  • Every inquiry is responded under 5 minutes
  • Similar language used for each inquiry (English to English, Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Malaysia and, Mandarin to Mandarin)
  • Professional and highly trained customer support to manage all the inquiries

Deploying trained customer support is the single, biggest win for the medispa because these highly trained support team was able to convert the visitors into potential customers — either visiting the business location, schedule an appointment or leave contact details for one-to-one consultation.

Faster and better solutions that drive positive results

Positive Results for Local Businesses Malaysia

If you want results for your local business in Malaysia, then you need to focus on providing a more comprehensive solution for your potential customers.

And this is done not by creating multiple products — but to leverage on the true power of good customer service.

Help! I don’t have a good customer support team?

Bad Customer Support Service

If you are running a small business in Malaysia, chances are you have limited resources.

You rather hire a full time sales personnel than spending money on customer service (even though it is dearly important).

And if you are nodding your head (or showing any signs of agreeing to the above), you are in luck because we had just launched a new customer support service for small businesses in Malaysia.

Marketing Lancers Customer Support Service @ Spark

Spark Remote Customer Support Malaysia

For the record, we name the service as “Spark” as the first engagement with your customer is beyond critical.

By responding timely to your customers (especially during working hours) will initiate a spark and to build bridges with your potential customers in days to come.

How does Spark works?

Spark is all about delivering excellent customer service and support during the times of need — like right now where your business needs customers!

Spart is a remote customer support service in Malaysia (only for Malaysian businesses at this point of time) with very flexible pricing structures.

Here’s what I mean.

Instance 1

Single Spark

Simple and reliable customer support




  • Single platform management (email, WhatsApp, social media or live chat)
  • Up to 100 client conversations per month (on average RM 1 per client)
  • Respond time (under 30 minutes during office hours)
Spark Basic (most popular)

For small and medium businesses




  • Single platform management (email, WhatsApp, social media or live chat)
  • Unlimited client conversations per month
  • Respond time (under 30 minutes during office hours)
  • Delayed response after office hours
Spark Complete

The best of customer service




  • Unlimited platforms management (email, WhatsApp, social media or live chat)
  • Unlimited client conversations per month
  • Respond time (under 30 minutes during office hours)
  • Delayed response after office hours

Is Spark right for your business?

We launched Spark to help local business owners in Malaysia to maximize their business conversion. But there’s a little concern (which we truly understand too).

Spark was crafted and launched from ground up — and it is best for startups and small business owners who want to start providing excellent (good) customer service.

Spark is right for you if you are looking for

  • Professional and remote customer support
  • Affordability
  • Hassle free services
  • Excellent uptime
  • On and off office hours support


There is no denial that customer support is critical for your business success.

Regardless how big or small your business is, customer service is beyond paramount — and is something no business owners should overlook.

Want to know more about Spark or any of Marketing Lancers’s digital marketing services?

Click here to get in touch with us (or use the live chat module you see on this page).

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